Devotion, Study or Preparation

For those in ministry, it can be a blurry line between our personal devotional time and ministry activities. When we approach our quiet times with God, ministry responsibilities come along with us. And in those seasons when ministry responsibilites weigh heavier, it may be all that we are bringing into our times with God.

Schedule Your Sabbath

The idea of a Sabbath day each week for many may seem practically impossible. For many youth leaders I know, they are spare time youth leaders. They work 40+ hours at paid employment outside of ministry. They volunteer their spare time to lead the youth group. They have other responsibilities with family and church etc. So the idea of finding a whole day each week where they rest and connect with God seems unlikely.

Inviting Volunteers To Partner In Youth Ministry

One of the ongoing tasks of a leader is to find and "recruit" good leaders and volunteers.

Here is one suggested process when you need leaders or volunteers

The Importance of Perseverance

In youth ministry, perseverance is an important attribute to develop and maintain. The definition of perseverance is persistence in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

In ministering to any group, especially teenagers, it requires perseverance. That ability to push through hard moments, or to continue to serve, love and lead when you feel like there is no positive change.

Developing an EPIC Generation - Connected

This is the last part of our EPIC Generation series. We have covered  ExperientialParticipatory and Image-Rich, and today we will close off with Connected.

You can not deny that this is a connected generation. For as long as I have been in youth ministry, teenagers have been social creatures, some of them struggle with this area but it is part of this stage. They often define themselves by the people they choose to hang out with (and the ones they choose not to hang with) but with the introduction of social media, smart phones etc, this has taken on a different level.

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Developing an EPIC Generation - Image-Rich

Humans are naturally visual creatures, but never before has a generation been bombarded with so many images. Between TV, internet, mobile phones, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc, young people are seeing and processing a huge number of images, and not just images, but images with messages. The research shows that we retain about 20% of what we received as images/media, and so in a world where young people are used to seeing pictures and videos, we need to make use of meaningful images.

Developing an EPIC Generation - Participatory

Young people upload their thoughts and want to be heard, they participate in family decisions around food, holidays etc. To keep them engaged, we need to find ways to help them participate in meaningful ways. Not only does participating engage them more, it helps them learn and grow.

Developing an EPIC Generation - Experiential

man crowd surfing at a concert

EPIC is this understanding that the current generation is Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich & Connected, and if we are going to teach and develop young people then we need to be communicating in these ways, because they are more meaningful to them.

Today I wanted to expand on the concept of Experiential

Serving Into Greatness

Jesus said to his disciples on a number of occasions that whoever wants to become great must become the servant of all. (Mt 20:26, Mt 23:11). Jesus did not say don't desire to become great, don't try to become great, he just said that the pathway and price to greatness is serving.

How To Handle the Weekly Ebb and Flow of Youth Ministry

The plants and animals in the tidal zone know, and are prepared for, the changing tides. They know the lift and turmoil of the incoming tide, culminating in a high tide. They know the drag and flow of the outgoing tide, finishing with the low tide. There are things to learn from them that we can apply to youth ministry and the rhythms we experience.