Training Needs Analysis

Every person who serves in youth ministry can use further development and equipping. This Training Needs Analysis survey, that has been taken from Sustainable Practices for Youth Ministry, will quickly identify the most helpful areas you could focus your efforts to sharpen your skills. When you are considering different youth ministry training possibilities, look for those possibilities that address the specific areas which were ticked in the first or second columns. Don’t just work through the Training Needs Analysis once—use it again in a year’s time to monitor your own development and reassess where you should focus your own equipping journey.
If you want someone else to receive your results then please add them here. For multiple people, please separate with comma.
For each category of training, tick either the "Poorly Equipped," "Moderately Equipped," or "Well Equipped” column. The analysis survey should only take a few minutes to complete.
Poorly EquippedModerately EquippedWell Equipped
Adolescent Growth and Development *
Transitioning Youth through Developmental Stages *
Trends in Youth Culture *
Youth Evangelism *
Youth Discipleship *
Leading Youth Games/Activities *
Pastoral Youth Counseling and Listening Skills *
Youth Mentoring *
Ministering to Youth in Crisis *
Leading Small Groups *
Developing Leaders *
Creating and Implementing an Internship Program *
Building/Working with a Volunteer Team *
Technology and Social Media *
God Talks that Engage Youth *
Preaching *
Teaching *
Engaging with and Supporting Parents *
Family-Based Youth Ministry *
Partnership with Schools *
Community Engagement *
Integration of Youth in the Intergenerational Church *
Working with other Church Staff *
Youth Camps/Retreats *
Health and Safety in Youth Ministry *
Working with Intermediate Students *
Working with College Students *
Working with Uni Students and Young Adults *
Bible Study Methods *
Old Testament *
New Testament *
Christian Theology *
Church History *
Christian Apologetics *
Personal Leadership Development *
Personal Health (Stress/Burnout) *
Planning to Succeed *
Starting a New Group or New Mission Initiative *
Budgeting and Accessing Funding *